Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorite Things Party - Holiday Edition

A couple of weeks ago my friend Mel and I put on our second favorite things party...this one was a "Holiday Edition".  For anyone not familiar with a favorite things party here are the details...10 girls (or really however many you want), and each person chooses their favorite thing valued at $6ish, and buys 5 of them.  Then when you arrive at the party each person writes their name on 5 slips of paper and put them in the jar.  You go around and each person presents their fav thing, and then draws 5 names of people who will get their item!  So you come with 5 of your own, and leave with 5 different peoples items...SO FUN!!!  And also each person brings their fav snack!  Here are some of the pictures.

Chocolate & Sprinkle Rimmed hot chocolate glasses

Hot Chocolate bar toppings
 ...from the other side :)

Hand stamped stir sticks

A few more add ins!

we love our Starbucks :)

Holiday Sangria...delish!

Cranberry water

 and now for the food...

My fav - Oreo Cheesecake truffles

Amber's favorite - Oreos dipped in white chocolate and crushed candy canes, and mandrin oranges

Ali's favorite - Cream cheese with a cranberry salsa on top...I could not stay out of this!
 Colleen's favorite - Toffees

Chrissy's Favorite - Candy Cookies (Chocolate cookies with a Andres chocolate melted and swirled on top)

Sheila's Favortie - not too sure the name of these but they were deadly...marshmallow, carmel, rice krispies, I had a few of these for breakfast the next morning :)

Emily's Favorite - surprise dip

Lisa's Favorite - Cranberry Pistachio Bark

The bags for people to put their new items in.

My Favorite - Lip gloss, and Ornament magnets

Sheila's - Advent calendar and a Christmas Mug

Mel's - Hemp lotion and hand sanitizer

Lisa's - Gingerbread house kit

Colleen's - LUSH candy cane soap

Amber's - Christmas Mugs

Ali's - Travel mug and Piroulines

Emily's - Wish Necklace, Kindness Card, and Gum

Chrissy's - Forever 21 jewellery

Erin's - A sleeve of Christmas Balls

After the exchange we did a bunch of minute to win we I mean everyone but Mel and I...we organized it!  hahaha

And finally the favors, peppermint foot scrub!

It was a crazy fun night and I can't wait until the spring 2012 party!
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