Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Guest Post!!!

So I am crazy excited to be introducing my first guest post!!!  Mel is one of my real life besties and has an awesome blog of her own called Keeping Up With The Roths!  Take it away Mel!

I'm sending a Spring  greeting from over at Keeping up with the Roths.   I wanted to share what I consider my creative side.  Since my boys are tough on everything (like boys are), we have had these leaky rain boots kicking around.  After seeing them sitting for a while I figured why not turn my trash into beauty!  

My 3 year old Bennett helped me make these fun plant boots.

Gavin got in there and dirty too!

 The finished product!

It was so simple I'm ashamed to say it as creative as I get lately.
Happy Spring from us over at Keeping up with the Roths

Thanks so much for the fun project idea Mel, I know what I will be doing with my boys' boots when they outgrow them!


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