Tuesday, January 10, 2012

baby shower decoration ideas...

I am so excited to share these!  I have been wanting to make them for awhile, and FINALLY got around to them.

Everything you need...

Start by pulling all the flowers off of the stems.

Use your hot glue gun to glue around the green part of the flower, and then stick it into one of the holes...that simple!

Continue gluing the flowers into the holes.  When you get about half way around, choose a ribbon and thread it through two of the holes.

Continue gluing until you have flowers all around! I am so happy with how these turned out!  I am planning on using them for an upcoming baby shower, stay tuned for more details :)


  1. It is really amazing idea. I had never though about it. Babies will definitely like it.

  2. what kind of ball is that? At first I thought it was one of those practice golf balls, but it looks bigger. very neat idea {even for a wedding shower}

  3. It is a baseball size wiffle ball, and I am sure I am going to find plenty of uses for it :)

  4. LOVE THESE!! I am thinking pew decorations!!!


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