Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mimo's Pasta

My Dad is in Toronto quite often for work, and he works with a bunch of wonderful Italians.  He goes to Toronto and eats their DELICIOUS food, and then he comes home, tells mom about it, and then they recreate it!

This is my new ULTIMATE favorite pasta recipe...I could eat it everyday!

Here is the line-up!

Start by cutting up your tomatoes (the grape tomatoes were from my Dad's tomato garden, yummo!)

Coat the bottom of your pan with EVOO and add garlic...lots of it!

Once the smell of garlic has filled you house, throw in all those tomatoes!

While the tomatoes are cooking away you can slice up the basil.

This is the look that we are going for with the tomato, garlic, evoo mixture.

 Slice up some kalamata olives, the amount you use really depends on how much you like olives, if you are going to try this recipe without olives, make sure you add some salt since they are the main source of salt in this recipe.

Add them in...yummm!

Slice up some sundried tomatoes...once again the amount you use is going to depend on how much you like them!

Sundried tomatoes in, splash of red wine in

Basil in... 

 Simmer for about 20 more minutes and then put it on your pasta!

I have not included any amounts since it is a little bit different each time it gets made.  The picture at the top is a good indicator of amounts!


  1. YUM!!! Def trying this out!! thanks!

  2. Looks delish Stace!



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