Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Felt Fridge Letters

On our fridge at home we have a set of alphabet letters and our boys ALWAYS want to play with them. Since the first thing they do when they get one is bite it I am crazy scared that one of the magnets will fall off and they will swallow I decided to make a set out of felt.

Here is the line-up...
(minus the batting...I didn't end up using it)

Start by writing out all of your letters on the could print out letters to trace, I found it easier to just free and them

Next step is to cut out two of each...just fold it over when you are cutting.

LOVE all these colours!

Next I just sewed around the edges and made sure that the magnet was in each one before I sewed it up. I put two magnets in the M and the W.  I am still not sure what I am going to do with the letters that need holes...I tried just sewing the hole in the A, but I don't love how it turned out...and in some of the other letters the magnet would not fit if I were to do that anyways...I think I am just going to leave them for now!

A close up of my three favorite letters (the first letter of each of my kiddos names)

I put all of the letters on the fridge last night before I went to bed and about three minutes after the boys were up this morning this was the scene!


  1. How stinkin cute! I wish I was this crafty. :(

  2. Really cute, I love all the colors too!

  3. Love this idea! I painted magnetic paint on my kids bedroom door and this would be a something fun for them!

    Also - lovin' the blog name!

  4. Perfect! I've seen this idea before, and it's on my list... thank goodness I have a while before my daughter is up and at the fridge to play (she's only 3.5 months right now)... About the letters with the holes: you could use your sharpie to draw them, and maybe also trace around the edges of all the letters too... but only on one side so your kids know which sides are the "right" sides... you know what I mean?

  5. Love this! Just an idea...for the letters that need holes, try sewing a button where the hole should go! Hope this helps!

  6. YAY! they turned out SO good! good work!

  7. Love the idea, and my little monkey does the same thing minutes after he wakes...magnets go flying and clatter on the tile times!


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