Friday, June 17, 2011

Real Party Feature - BARBIE PARTY

One of my great friends put together and AMAZING barbie party for her daughter's 3rd birthday.  It was unreal!  Here are some pictures...

The super yummy cupcakes with adorable toppers!

The dessert eating room (I am sure she had a better name for it than that, hahaha).  How fun for the kiddos to walk into this room with the perfect little tables, stunning "chandeliers", and personalized place settings!

Some more decor!

Silver Corvettes for "Barbie's boys"

A little bling for the Barbie Girls!

Who wouldn't want to party in here?!?!?!

How sweet is the silhouette art, she made it herself!

The beautiful birthday girl ready to party!

Some more of the details!

We ALL loved this party!  WAY TO GO CHRISTIE, you threw an AMAZING party!

If anyone else has an awesome party that would like to be featured send me your info and pictures!

digital clipart supplied by "The giving madam"


  1. You are so awesome Stace! Thanks for "featuring Me"!!!
    PS LOVE the taggies! (and LOVE my pink camera strap:)


  2. looks like i have to be an anonymous poster or I am BANNED from commenting on your stuff! haha (at least it is finally letting me)



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