Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky Leprechaun Cupcakes

This morning I saw some green velvet cupcakes over at picky palate and just knew that I had to try them!

I followed her recipe but used vanilla yogurt instead of plain, just because that's what I had...
Here is the line-up...

I am not a big fan of "boxed" cakes but thought that I would give it a go anyways.  I started by mixing the dry ingredients (cake mix & pudding)

Then I added every other ingredient and mixed!

I added a little more food colouring at the end because I wanted them to be greener!

ahhh, thats better!

the batter in the adorable little polka dot liners



{I did not include the recipe and steps for the icing because I just used my go-to cream cheese icing and I have already blogged about it...probably more than once! hahaha }


  1. They look awesome!! I want one right now!! I love that you're my late night blog post buddy!

  2. Those look great! So much fun!


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