Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes

The other night Ali from the Petite Parisian and I got together to do a little cupcake making.  I have been meaning to post this since Monday is now 11:59 on Wednesday night, I am dead dog tired, but I have to get this up so you can all make them!!!  We decided to try Sprinkle Bakes' Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes...So cute, if you have not been by her blog you should check it out!

Here is your line-up! (I found the adorable little ceramic milk carton at Michaels for $2)

Start by mixing your butter and sugar


Add your eggs one at a time...not quite sure why but that's what the recipe says and who am I to argue!

Next you have to empty the vanilla bean into the vanilla...I totally love vanilla beans!


Can you see the bee-oo-tiful little flecks in there???  If not look harder, they are totally there!

Okay what happened next is a little embarrassing...I saw something sparkly and forgot to take pictures of the remaining steps of the batter.  Ali got her shipment of disco dust on Monday and at this point she was doing our golden horse shoes...I LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter...and this is edible glitter, so I don't think that I can really be held accountable for the missing will be able to figure it out!!!

Anyways once you get them in the oven you can start on your icing...
line up...

cream your butter and cream cheese together...

add the honey and mix again

Add your icing sugar...the recipe calls for between 3 an 4 cups, we found 3 to be just perfect!

Next you need to grind up some pistachios...


picture perfect!

And here are our little beauties all done...

Click HERE for a link over to Sprinkle Bakes for the recipe!

ps it is now 12:08...quickest blog EVA!!! hahaha


  1. I am ordering gold disco dust *RIGHT NOW*. What a great touch to these!

  2. lovelovelove! so delicious and beautiful! Thanks again!

  3. These were so awesome and It's always a pleasure baking and admiring glittery beauties with you!
    Can't wait for our next project...I'll bring the glitter!

  4. Just remind people not to eat the things covered in disco dust. It's plastic craft glitter and should never be used on food.

    To keep something edible, use edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.


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