Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snail Mail Monday - #1

So this is it...the first day of Snail Mail Mondays.  After I posted that I was going to do this I could NOT fall asleep...I was up forever thinking about things that I could mail in an attempt to make someone's day!

Here is the first one...
I burnt a CD that I think a friend of mine will love, and wrote her a little note (I blanked out the names involved because she may or may not read this blog!!!)

I picked out a piece of double sided scrapbook paper, placed the CD in the middle and traced around it

Then I cut the corners out

I free handed (I am sure you can tell), the square edges into rounded edges, and then scored on the black lines

The edge pieces then folded up nicely...

I taped them down

and BAM...all ready to mail off!


  1. How awesome! Love this idea, and that is so going to make your friend's day!


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