Friday, March 4, 2011

Snail Mail Monday

The weather here has been CRAP lately...we are talking -32ish Celsius for what feels like weeks!!!  I have not been out of the house, or my sweats in days!  Last night before bed I decided that I was going to embrace the look good feel good philosophy, so I dyed my hair, and was getting ready to paint my toenails when one of the boys woke up.  I was up ALL night with sick of them took the 11-3 shift, and another one took the 3-9 shift, thank goodness the other one didn't take a shift...needless to say, I stayed in my sweats...dirty sweats, all day...again (well usually they are not dirty, that was special for today! hahaha)

 Also, my husband left for work on Tuesday, he is going to be gone for two weeks, and the fellas and I are missing him like CRAZY. I drove to Starbucks today (because they can make most things better), and their debit/credit machines were down so they were only taking cash...WHO HAS CASH THESE DAYS?!?!?!  On the way home I stopped to pick up the mail and as I was getting out of the vehicle I dropped the mail key in the snow, grrr.  SO basically a day beyond saving...but then, when I got the mail, there it was, a postcard!!!  Totally made my day...and it wasn't even for me hahaha!

Okay so I hope I haven't lost anyone with all my whining, I promise I am done!  I am now snuggled up on my cuddle chair with a tea, a cupcake (who am I kidding there are two cupcakes), my mac, and my new idea for a feature!!!

Starting this monday I am going to send a piece of mail, with some sort of special treat, to a special person!  Who doesn't LOVE good mail!!!

So be sure to check back Monday and see whats going out for this week's snail mail monday!!!

And if you have any ideas for fun things to send let me know!!!


  1. Oh Stac! What a week!! It's all up hill from here on out right?
    No judgement on the sweats;)
    There's nothing better than real mail! I'm so pumped for snail mail mondays!!! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!
    Was that enough exclamation marks hahaha!

  2. Isn't it amazing what a little bit of fun mail can do for a pick me up? :-) I loooove getting mail. Hope it warms up there soon!

  3. I'm totally stealing this idea! I LOOOVE love Love it!!!


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