Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jewellery Cubby Organization

When we built our current house our plan was to live in it for about a year or so and then build again, so our small ensuite was not a major was just going to be a year or two.  Well along came our boys and they kind of put a hold on our plans to move we are still dealing with the small ensuite.  Without a doubt the most unorganized space in the ensuite is my jewellery cubby, I usually wear the same pieces over and over because they are on the top of the pile and easiest to grab.  Here is what it looked like before...

I went to Canadian Tire and picked up a pack of these hooks for about $3.00...

 I took everything out of the cubby and started screwing the hooks into the wall and hanging stuff on them.  The hooks were surprisingly easy to screw into the wall and in no time at all I was done the bracelets, rings and earings side...

The necklace side was a little tougher because I had to use my weak little left hand to put the screws in, but I did manage and this is how it looks...

Obviously not everything can be hung so there are still some things that need to be on the shelf.  I LOVE how it turned out, I open the door to look at it everytime I am in the ensuite!  Here is the after, best $3 I ever spent!!!


  1. Hi - just wanted to tell you, you won the Yoplait giveaway! Please e-mail me and give me your address. Thanks - and I love this blog. Awesome ideas.

  2. Hey girl, I really loved how simple, and easy, and inexpensive this turned out to be. It made such a huge difference, and now you have TONS of storage.

    I loved it so much......

    I just HAD to FEATURE YOU, come grab a button and display it proudly!!

    Thanks for linking up to Bella Before and After **AMAZE ME AUGUST** party, I LOVE having you.


    Bella :)

  3. So cool that you were featured!!!!


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