Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries!

I promise the next thing that I blog will not involve cream cheese, strawberries or stuffing!  Two in a row is making me feel a little weird!  But on with the show...

This is a perfect little, easy valentines treat for your special someone!

Start with some strawberries...pick the biggest ones out of your crop!

Take the tops off and dig a little "hole" into it!

Make a simple no bake cheesecake recipe...I used this one...which was awesome because you can shrink the recipe down by altering the number of servings at the top.  Once you have that prepared just pipe it into your strawberries!  This seriously took me less than 5 minutes for a super yummy treat!


  1. How cute would those be for a party? Love the little sprinkles on top. :-)

  2. Sooo going to make this one! LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing Stace!


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