Friday, February 11, 2011

Chocolate Carmel Pretzel Rods

  I have always been a fan of the salty-sweet combo..and other french fry into frosty dippers out there??? Because of this love for the salty-sweet, these little devils have VERY quickly become a favorite of mine.

The supplies...
 Start by unwrapping your carmels...
 throw them in the microwave with a splash of water for 30 second intervals, stirring at each break...mine looked like this after the first time...
 and then this after I stirred them the second time...perfect!

I started dipping right away...I was worried the carmel was going to get hard and that it would not re-heat nicely.  Anyways my first one out looked like this...
 and this was the last one (which I think was better because it ended up having a little more carmel on it) lesson learned, no need to hurry!!! (both were super delish though)
 Let them sit for about 30 minutes and then get your dipping chocolate ready.  Follow the same process as melting the carmels.  I have no pictures of this process because it is always a rush to get the sprinkles on before the chocolate hardens...and you all know how seriously I take sprinkles!!!  Because I was so in love with the sprinkle medley from the brownies...i used it again!

anyways here they are... 
 so cute!

also if you have dipping chocolate leftover, dump it onto a sheet of parchment and you can break it up and use it again!!!

I did not include any amounts because it really depends on how many you want to make!  Also I have not been able to find the pretzel rods ANYWHERE in Canada, these ones came from a friend who got them in a gift basket and knew how desperate I was for if anyone know where to get them let me know!

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  1. Um are those going to be making an appearance at my house anytime soon? If not I can swing by an steal a couple! hahaha just kidding! Micheals, if you can belive it or not had snyders large pretzel rods just last week!! I should have bought a bag! Maybe today!
    As always, Stac, your pics look amazing and your recipes are delicious!


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