Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuffed French Toast...mmmmm

I found this idea on pinterest and man was it a good one!  Before I get into any more details on the recipe I just need to say if you are not on pinterest...get on!  And then follow me and I will follow you!!!

Okay back to business.  SO french toast is yummy...and you all know how I feel about cream cheese, mix the two together and the results are be-ooo-ti-ful!!!

Here is the line-up

Start by mixing together the jam and cream cheese (I wanted to use fresh strawberries for this but they were out last night...grrrrr)

soon you will have this tasty mixture!

Cut a thick slice off of the french bread and then make a pocket in the middle

Spoon in some of the cream cheese goodness

Next you need to make the "eggy" part of the french toast...mix your eggs, milk and cinnamon.  This dish was PERFECT for dipping the bread because it was nice and shallow, and the exact shape of the bread!  Anyways dip both sides of your bread...

And then put it into a heated pan with a little bit of marg...the marg was shaped like a heart but you can't really tell in the picture...all you can tell is that my frying pan was not super clean after the first piece of toast came out!!!

Once it is lightly browned flip it over and let the other side cook...

 Perfection!!!  Wouldn't this be great for valentines day breakfast in bed!!!

Stuffed French Toast
-1 loaf french bread
-4 oz cream cheese
-1/4 cup jam (any flavor would could also use fresh fruit instead!)
-2 eggs
-1/2 cup of milk
-1 tsp cinnamon


  1. That looks AMAZING! It's my Sunday morning mission now! Thanks for sharing Stac.

  2. Ummmm this was so de-lish!!! I really liked it with the jam, tasted like jam & cream cheese on a croissant! And don't EVER apologize for baking with cream cheese. Yum!


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