Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's day countdown

Last year my sister and I made these ADORABLE muffin tin Valentines day countdowns!  We found the idea on an awesome blog...unfortunately I can't remember which one it was...if you know please leave me a comment so I can give them credit!

Anyways it was SUPER easy, and fairly easy on the wallet!  All you need is 2 sheets of magnetic paper, some coloured cardstock, ribbon, some scrapbooking valentines day supplies, and of course a muffin tin!

1.  Start by finding a cup, or some other circular item that is just slightly larger than the openings on the muffin tin.  Trace around it 12 times onto the magnetic paper and cut them out, and 12 times onto cardstock and cut them out!

2.  Cut 12-2" pieces of ribbon, they can be all the same, or all different, totally up to you!

3.  Fold the ribbon in half and use adhesive to stick it to the magnet paper circles, and then stick a piece of the cardstock overtop.

4.  Use your supplies to decorate the cardstock...be creative!

5.  Fill each of the spots on the muffin tin with a little heart with an activity written on it and a sweet treat!

The finished product!

Inside one of the spots...I have not added this years candy yet!
 The little notes from inside the countdown!

the 12 activities that I have in my tin are, in no particular order...
-watch a movie together
-before going to bed tonight take 10 minutes to look at old pictures
-send each other a sweet text at some point during the day
-by the end of the day, go out of your way to do something nice for each other
-give each other a 10 minute massage before bed
-pick a number between 1 and 10 (whatever number they pick they get that many kisses!)
-take a valentines day picture of the fellas
-bake (make) a valentines day treat (oreo kisses)
-go for a starbucks
-deliver the oreo kisses
-take the boys on a valentines day stroll
-go out to the keg for dinner...Kels and G are coming to babysit! (hopefully I can convince them to do this again!!!)

If you have any fun new ideas add them as a comment!


  1. Love that you used felt for the hearts in that one pic, very cute!

  2. hahaha, yes, we can babysit! Just gotta make sure we match up the days on our tins :)


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