Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sam's Sesame Street Second Birthday Party!

My friend Mandi hosted a Sesame Street themed party today for her son Sam's second birthday, so much fun!  I have some of the pictures to post but if you would like to see the full rundown of the party click here to visit her blog!

The guests were greeted with this PERFECT sign on the door! {notice the attention to detail...the SAM in seSAMe street are outlined black...perfect!}

The adorable birthday boy sporting some new shades...thank goodness he got these because when we first got there he spent a good 5 minutes trying to get mr.potato head's glasses on! hahaha

This party was brought to you by the number 2 and the letter cute!

Mandi also went to a TON of work organizing a bunch of different stations!  Thank goodness she is a teacher and enlisted her students to make these awesome signs!  There were 5 stations in total.  The first one was BIG BIRD'S BOOKS, complete with elmo beanbag chair and Sesame Street books.  She also used the foam letters and numbers from the floor mat to decorate...genuis!!!
 Next was ERNIE'S RUBBER DUCKY TUB, as you can see this station was a hit!

OSCAR'S TRASH TOSS - perfect for making sure that all the wrapping paper gets cleaned up quickly!!!

There was also a ME LOVES COOKIES! station that was a very simple pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style game and ELMO LOVES HIS CRAYON AND PLAYDOH TOO , which had colouring sheets that Mandi had printed off the Sesame Street website which is amazing if your kids are into SS.  Because there were so many fun activities happening I barely even noticed that there were 15 kiddos there!!! 

{funny little side note - I got to Mandi's just a little bit early to help with some last minute stuff.  I said something about there being 15 kids coming and her sister said "oh, I thought there was only going to be 13, I guess 2 more doesn't make that big of a difference", if this doesn't sound funny maybe you don't know that I am the mother of 17.5 month old triplets....and let me tell you 2 more definitely DOES make a difference!!!}

The cupcake tower...
 Close up on one of my favs!

Some more decorations and treats...

Custom waterbottles to go with the theme!

And as everyone left the party they got a wonderful Sesame street book, and a bag of sugar cookies in the shapes of S's and 2's!

The party went SO smoothly thanks to all of Mandi's hard work prepping and planning!  Our family was glad that we got to be a part of Sam's special day!

...and one other cute thing that we forgot to get pictures of was the labels for the food...a little detail that adds a big punch!

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  1. How cute! My daughter will be 2 in May and we're, sadly, already talking about her birthday! Every time I ask her how she wants it, the answer is just "Elmo!" Love those water bottle covers!


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