Friday, February 4, 2011

Heart Day Garland

I found this garland over on Sweet Bee Buzzings and I just HAD to make it!

All you need is some felt, scissors, some sort of heart tracer (i used a cookie cutter), some ribbon, and a sewing machine! (this picture is missing the sewing machine and ribbon because they were downstairs and I really did not want to go down and get them for the picture...I will try to step it up for my next post!!! hahaha)

Trace the hearts onto a sheet of felt...if you are good at drawing them free-hand you could go ahead and just giv'er!  As I am typing this up I am thinking that it would be totally cute with a bunch of different styles and sizes of hearts!  Someone try it and send me pics!

 The cut out hearts!

I started by sewing some ribbon to the first heart...the front...

The back...

Then I just started feeding the hearts through the machine.  I sewed them together as close as I could although there are a few small gaps between hearts at some places.  I used white thread...mostly because it was already on the machine, and like I mentioned earlier I was not feeling overly ambitious tonight!  I love it with the white but it would have been cute with red, pink, or maybe even brown!  So whoever makes the random heart garland can try a different colour! ha!

When I hit the end I added another piece of ribbon.

The garland!!!


Hanging on our mantle which is at the moment decorated with DVDs, remotes, and some coasters...I will work on that!

So FUN!!!

I cut six pieces of felt into hearts and it made 2 separate strings of garland...or I could have made one REALLY long one!

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